Saturday, March 19, 2011

Changes in Me.

Today is March 19th, that makes it the 20th tomorrow. Don't ask me how I feel about it? You don't have to because I'm going to tell you. I don't like it. This Moon Man thing has really gotten to me. He has predicted an earthquake for tomorrow.

Here I am, normally, a sensible, thinking, blonde woman (yes! those are ALL compatible traits!) scared to death of the predictions of a man who has written a book about reading Cat's Paws. Is this what these earthquakes have reduced me to? I also bought a flat screen TV (not that you can buy any other sort, and since we have lost ours...)but it is connected to freeview TV! We haven't had a TV that does anything other than run videos and dvds in years.

These aren't the only strange happenings in my life. I will have you know, I bought bling today. Cheap stuff (well truth is I found out that cheap jewelry isn't really all that cheap!, and I bought a lot of it. It was fun! I now have three huge rings and four or so rather noticeable necklaces. If that earthquakes strikes tomorrow, and I go missing, just look for someone who sparkles.


  1. Hey, you sparkle anyway!! Big hug, Honeybee :)

  2. It's the 20th now, and no news of an earthquake. That moonman knows nothing, fortunately. :)
    S x

  3. 5.1 magnitude this evening. Right on cue and very ugly. Not that I want to give credence to a man with hokey pokey methods and scare tactics, but it does make one wonder if there's more to these earthquakes that our geologists have figured out?!