Friday, June 24, 2011


Something happened on June 13th. It was an earthquake, an aftershock, a 5.4. At 10:35 it shook the city, like others, many have been worse. It closed no schools or buildings, though many were checked in the night. Something different happened on 10:35 on June 13th, an aftershock dispirted this city.

I can't explain it. It could be because it is winter.

Winter and the middle of the night have the bad habit of making every problem seem worse.

Or maybe it was that bit in the newspaper that reported that the event of June 13th raised, yet again, the probability of another large aftershock. It had only been a few weeks earlier they released the information about a strong probablity of another large aftershock and a second 6.3 occurred shortly after.

Maybe it was the night of the event itself, as ten to twelve aftershocks disturbed our sleep just when we thought we were moving beyond the tiredness.

I think for most, we are just 'over it' but know that it's not over.

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