Monday, June 13, 2011

It's Been A While...

It's been a while since I've posted on the blog. Weariness with everything to do with earthquakes has overcome me. The waiting for land information dominates my thoughts, worrying about insurance payouts consumes every free moment. It becomes hard to talk about it all and impossible to write it out. Besides, I figure, everyone must be bored with hearing about our problems.

Then, boom, we are hit by two more earthquakes. Everything on the television, everything in the news, is once again focused on Christchurch and our awful plight. It is awful. Our city is discouraged.

So adding to what you see in the news, here's some strange Christchurch earthquake thoughts.

1. Every major earthquake has come on a stunningly beautiful day. September 4th, the earthquake struck us at 4:30, the day dawned to the most beautiful spring day to that date.
Feburary 22nd was a lovely summer day, and yesterday was a gloriously sunny winter day.

2. Schools are out. The added stress level to families should not be underestimated. School provides outlet for stressed kids, it gives them a chance to mingle with their friends and talk about their experience.

3. If you want to make someone from the eastern suburbs unhappy, talk about the earthquake as if it started in Februrary. There are many of us who have been either out of our house, or living in broken houses since September.

4. The new director of CERA (Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority) started his job yesterday. What a day to start that job!

5. History was made yesterday. Christchurch had an earthquake and my house didn't explode around my ears. Is that a silver lining?


  1. Barbara, I'm so sorry that you're still having to endure this.

    How like you to find a silver lining.

  2. I'll quit complaining about my AC troubles, now. Praying for your safety and encouragement.