Monday, May 23, 2011


I know that it has been awhile since I posted on this blog. I guess I've been weary of earthquakes on many levels, including thinking and writing about them. Later this week, I'm going begin introducing you to some of the people in my life. They will share how the earthquake has affected their their families.

Waiting. Maybe some of you were waiting for me to post, wondering what was taking me so long. (Okay, use your imagination that it was possible for someone to be out there waiting to read my blog!) Waiting is something you must understand to get a grasp of what life has been life in Christchurch.

I think this whole city has the feeling of 'breath holding' about it. We are waiting for so much, both collectively and as individuals. As a city we wait to hear what buildings are being destroyed, when streets in the CBD will open, and how the city planning is progressing. Some individuals are still waiting for sewage to work in their area, to see how electric outageous are going to affect them this winter, and for an assessment of their house.

My family and I are waiting, for content insurance payout (there are some things I could really stand to replace right now!), for non-rumour information about the future of our street, and for our insurance to finally come up with a sum for our rebuild.

I know that these things take time. I know that alot is being done in all these areas that we simple can't see...but the waiting takes its toll.

Oh, the not forgotten 'Waiting'...every day, we wait for an aftershock. We have been rather quiet for a few days...but that just means I feel I'm waiting for one that will be truly SHAKY!


  1. That feeling of watchful waiting, unsure if you should invest yourself in moving forward, would surely be maddening!! Still, the lessening of the aftershocks is a good and I would imagine much appreciated development. My fingers are crossed that any you get will be small!

  2. Hi, beegirl. Having lived in earthquake-prone Japan for many years, I can relate to your anxieties about aftershocks. Even though I haven't lived in Japan for quite some time, the Tokyo superquake churned up quite a few memories, which I decided to write about on my personal blog, Seen the Elephant. I think writing helped me process what happened -- but it's of course not the same for me as it is for you. I wasn't actually in Japan at the time the quake struck, didn't lose anything... How devastating that must be! :-(

    More recently, I've been writing about the experience of being in Tokyo during a terrorist attack -- makes a change from a natural disaster! -- for The Displaced Nation. I lived very near one of the subway stations where people died from the sarin gas.

    It's amazing to me how vivid the memories of that terrifying event are to this day -- and some of the emotions, too.

    People always say, "You have to give yourself time." Time does help, but some events are too big to fade (a riff on the idea of "too big to fail"?). Anyway...

    In closing, can I urge you again to come into TDN -- whenever you're in the mood for more "community." For a start, we'd love to have your comment on our "disaster" post...

    Until then, as we say in Japan, gambatte kudasai -- keep your chin up! xx

  3. i also have experienced in earthquake in jogjakarta, indonesia

  4. Hi Muhammad,
    I grew up in Indonesia and went on many lovely visits to Jogjakarta. I miss Indonesia very much. I remember the news about the earthquake.