Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Another 5.3! It woke us up, violent and scary at 3am this morning. It was too much like the very first. Across the city, once again, we were all talking earthquakes. They dominate us, worry us, and keep us from sleeping. Even the evening news was once again focused on Canterbury and the earthquake. Maybe there just wasn't enough news to go round.

I think we just have to get used to it, no not the shakes, we are already used to that, even if we hate them. The news. Everytime news is low, I have a feeling they are going to pull up our earthquake and dissect it. Today's news is that because of the natural disasters in Christchurch, Australia and Japan, our insurance is going to go up by 50 percent! But we've been told that we need to be pleased we can still get insurance for earthquakes. Okay, really pleased!

Hurray, I have earthquake insurance...I just hope I never need it again.

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  1. Oh yes, of course we should all be pleased when our insurance rates go up 50%! The insurance companies could almost approach decency if they waited until people were back on their feet before sky rocketing the rates. (shakes head) It's just wrong!