Monday, May 2, 2011

Life Goes On

It has been a while since I've written about life in Christchurch. That's probably because there is just not much more to talk about. I could write again about over crowded services, busy, broken roads and the stress of making lists of things lost, but it would bore me to write it again, as much as it would depress you to read again.

Life now goes on in Christchurch, and not having anything to update is actually rather depressing. It means that it feels that nothing is happening. We were told that some information about areas that would not be re-built would be out in mid-May, that was quickly changed to the end of May, hopefully. Our insurance assessor told us he would try to have some firm figures for the rebuilding of our home in a couple of weeks (coming up a month ago). I got a call from the company they used to assess our home, they said sometime in late June they would have more information for us. There are times that I think that, though life goes on, it will never get going.

We hope that something is happening under the surface. Maybe, behind the scenes, things are churning away, and one day it will seem that everything comes together all of the sudden. That's what we hope for, and today hope is all we have, because there is nothing else to report.

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  1. Hope is good ... because without it life wouldn't mean a thing ...

    Thinking of you, Honeybee - big hug xx