Friday, August 5, 2011

Settling Down.

My lack of writing on this blog probably reflects the settling of the earth in Christchurch. This means my lack of writing on this blog is a good thing!

I find it odd that Tuesday went unmarked in New Zealand and especially in Christchurch. Tuesday, the 2nd of August, we had no earthquakes. Not a single one. We still have regular aftershocks, though I personally feel very few of them, I know they are recorded and are often felt by those I left behind in the Eastern Suburbs. But Tuesday should have been marked, celebrated, a day when the earth stood still in Christchurch.

Of course, the affects of the earthquakes are still with us. We live in broken homes and drive on broken streets, passing either broken buildings or empty lots. Our news is still full earthquake related news: the lack of work, the leaving people, the demolishing of our heritage buildings and the pain of people. It is also there in personal ways, as 5100 households struggle to find new places to live, wait for assurance that money for new homes will really be available, worry about insurance payouts (a very personal stress I know about!) and wonder when life will be normal again.

But the settling of the earth should help. If we can trust it. Can we trust it? Or will the earth surprise us again, just as we start believe things are better?

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  1. May your feet find level ground and may the earth uphold your hopes, Beegirl!