Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sixth Month Anniversary

Today is the six month aniversary of our deadly earthquake and Christchurch knows how to remember an earthquake date. We had a morning shake, only a 4.2 but now that we don't get them as often...we feel these quakes more.

The news is full of 'how are we doing' sorts of articles. Nobody asked me the question, but of course I do have an opinion.

I think we are doing okay...considering what we have been through and some the issues (like insurance companies being slow to pay-out or refusing to re-insure)we have to face.

We have visitors from the UK. Seeing their reaction to our devasation (and alot has been cleaned up already!) and their nervousness for the little shakes we've experienced, reminds me that this was a big event and a difficult one.

To all of us who have been in Christchurch through all the events,I think we can pat ourselves on the back and say... 'Well done.'

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