Thursday, November 17, 2011

Demolishing and Disappointment

I know and know it has been ages since I've written. It is all because of the earthquake I assure you. You probably think I'm kidding, but I'm not. I have a growing realisation that the earthquake is still affecting us in rahter big ways. One way is in great disappointments. I don't write much when I'm living in disappointment zones.

Our house deal fell through. Negotiations with the insurance over the house we were attempting to purchase broke down after 2 months of work. I don't think the word disappointment can convey the depth of emotions this produced in me for the last couple of days.

I wasn't the only one disappointed, the man trying to sell us his house also faced the disappointment and he in turn must have passed that on to people in the North Island who were to sell their house to him. Earthquakes bring a few bad days, even after they have passed by.

On a happier note, we are seeing an awful lot of demolishing of buildings going on. For the most part, we feel that this is a good thing, for clearing the rubble means we can get on with building the new. And getting on with the new beginning is what we all want to happen.

I just wish my insurance provider would let me have my new beginning.


  1. The right house, I pray it's somewhere, waiting for you.
    Home means different things to different people. I have friends who experience it as a place to go away from each day, for other's it's place to come back to. I like to come back to my home and feel save, like you, I think, so your situation tears at my heart. Best luck and success, Barbara.

  2. This is a heartwrenching situation. Home is so much more than just a house, but somehow the right house becomes everything a home can be. The waiting for any new beginning is a testing time; waiting when your world has turned to rubble must challenge every emotion. I really feel for you. x

  3. It will happen, give it time.
    I know that's hard, but these things are big and you have to be in it for the long haul.

    I know people who's houses were flooded in England who took two years to get back into their home. An earthquake is so much worse.

  4. Barbara, you're so very brave. Sharing your thoughts with us all is quite the reminder that there's a lot to be grateful for, and a lot we take for granted. Hoping that the perfect place for you and yours is around the very next corner!